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Parks & Recreation
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The type of membership I want is:  Residential ($18/year), or  Business ($50/year)   (discounts apply for multiple years)

NOTE: All TRNA memberships expire in December,  so dues are prorated for the second half of the year. Therefore for the first year you join, your cost is as follows. Your Residential dues are: Your Business dues are:   $18 (Through Dec.) $50 (Through Dec.)   $9 (Through Dec.) $25 (Through Dec.)


If you join in these months:

If you would like to join for more than one year, add the following amounts to your membership dues in the table above: Add to above for Residential dues: Add to above for Business dues:   add $16 add $40   add $30 add $75

2 additional years

If you join for additional years:
1 additional year

  Please mail this form with your check to: TRNA Membership PO Box 66288 Albuquerque, NM  87193-6288

I am enclosing my check made out to TRNA in the amount of: $_______________ Please email membership@trna.org if you need more information.