Donate to TRNA Land Use Fund

Monies received by TRNA and designated for the Land Use Fund will be used for the La Cuentistapurpose of land use advocacy issues relating to the following: Coors/Montano SE Corner development, Coors Corridor Plan, West Side Strategic Plan, and other land use advocacy issues located within the boundaries of TRNA.

When paying with Paypal, under ‘Purpose’ enter ‘Land Use Fund’

PLEASE NOTE: TRNA is a 501(c)(4) Non-Profit Corporation categorized as an “Other-Social Welfare Organization” in the rules of IRS. As such, donations made to TRNA are NOT deductible on personal income tax returns as a charitable donation. From Publication 557, IRS website “A community association devoted to preserving the community’s traditions, architecture, and appearance by representing it before the local legislature and administrative agencies in zoning, traffic, and parking matters”.