Directors and Committee Chairs

Board of Directors

President Nita Day
Vice President Jolene Wolfley
Treasurer Terri Spiak
Secretary Diana Shea
Director, Land Use & Transportation René Horvath
Public Safety Steve Epstein
Director, Social Committee Marian Pendleton
Director, Government Affairs Jolene Wolfley
Membership Brian Cockrum

Committee Chairs

Liaison, Westside Coalition of Neighborhood Associations Terri Spiak
Chair, Membership Committee Brian Cockrum
Membership List Administrator Deborah Salvato
Chair, Education Committee Terri Spiak
Historian Jolene Wolfley
Newsletter Editor Terri Spiak
Web Site Steven Epstein
Facebook Wendy Dial

TRNA Business Supporters

Taylor Ranch Storage
Bookkeeping Northwest Albuquerque
Taylor Ranch Daycare

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