Social Committee

This committee organizes an Easter Egg Hunt & Party for community children each spring and a Holiday Family Lunch for TRNA members each December. In addition the committee organizes two flea markets per year to raise money for scholarships for Taylor Ranch high school seniors. To volunteer, contact

Youth Committee

In the past the work of this committee provided inspiration TRCC Compute Room for the Mayor’s Middle School Initiative Anti – Gang Program, and was recognized as the best community involvement project in Albuquerque. The committee is inactive. If you are willing to help bring this committee back to life,

Crime Prevention Committee

We have established a Neighborhood Civilian Patrol program. For more information about the patrol visit this link or email

Education Committee

We are actively involved in improving the quality of education in our community and administering theTRNA Scholarship Program, that provides small scholarships to students of families in Taylor Ranch. To serve on this committee email

Parks and Beautification Committee

We are actively involved in the Adopt-A-Park Program, and recruit volunteers each month to clean up Mariposa Basin Park. To volunteer,

Newsletter Committee

TRCC Compute Room
TRNA distributes an informative newsletter to our members every month. Back issues are made available to our members on the Library webpage. To volunteer to help with the newsletter, email

Current Issues

Another reason to join is to lend support in our current issues. Some of the issues we are currently engaged with:

  • Paseo Del Norte/Unser corridors
  • Improved Roadways
  • Median Landscaping
  • Adopt-A-Park Program
  • Land Use and Zoning Issues
Past Successes

Past successes are an indicator of the amount of effort and dedication that members of TRNA have given their neighborhood in the past. Some of these efforts are ongoing while others are in the past. For those that are completed, we continue to monitor their status and progress over the years.

    • Community Center — One of the largest all-age community centers in the City of Albuquerque opened in October 2004.
    • Montaño Bridge — Actively lobbied for the construction and opening of the Montano Bridge.
    • Fire Station — Worked with the city to establish a substation in our community.
    • Library — Coordinated and assisted in the planning of the Taylor Ranch Library.

Mariposa Basin Park

  • Mariposa Basin Park — Fought long and hard for the creation of the city’s largest park, as well as active participation in its design.
  • Sierra Vista Pool and Tennis Complex — Spearheaded the effort to convince the City to buy the private club and create a community recreation facility.
  • LBJ Middle School — Convinced the School Board to change its site decision and locate the school within its community, as well as active participation in it design.
  • Graffiti Removal –Our volunteer program served as the model for the current city program.
  • Median Landscaping — An ongoing project to beautify the streets of Taylor Ranch.
  • Petroglyph National Monument — Heavily involved at the City, State, and National levels to create the monument, and in its planning and design.
  • Paseo del Norte — Years of struggle to create this major east-west arterial highway.
  • Welcome to Taylor Ranch Signs— Obtained funding for, helped design, and maintain these signs identifying our community.
  • Neighborhood Civilian Patrol — Working closely with the Northwest Area Command of APD, TRNA fields a civilian patrol. These volunteers drive through the community in 2 hour shifts, serving as eyes and ears on the street for APD and informing residents when their homes appear vulnerable to criminals.

More on Neighborhood Patrol

The TRNA citizen patrol members are the eyes and ears of the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) in Taylor Ranch. We patrol from the river to Unser; from Calle Norteña to Western Trail/Namaste. We work in two-person teams, one of whom must be certified by APD. We believe that our presence deters crime in our community. Our activities are endorsed by APD.

What TRNA expects of Patrollers:


  • They patrol at least two hours per month
  • They patrol in their own vehicles or the vehicles of their partners
  • If they drive their own vehicles, they have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance
  • They patrol at their own risk
  • They call 242-COPS or 911 if they see anything or anyone suspicious (eyes & ears!)
  • They report any graffiti to 311
  • They do not carry a weapon and do not confront anyone
  • They do not enter private property
  • They plan to attend an APD certification class, when one is available
  • They take care of the provided equipment and deliver it to the next team after their patrol
  • They have fun and get to know fellow patrollers and their community
  • They are enthusiastic about working to lower the crime rate in Taylor Ranch

For more information or to join this elite team, contact
Help us deter, observe, and report possible criminal activity in Taylor Ranch. Eyes, ears, a car, and only 2 hours a month are all that is needed to help us make Taylor Ranch a safer place to be.

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